Professional & Service Links
CHS Professionals Carmel High School Department & Teacher Websites
CHS PLC Model to support collaboration and address the three important questions in Professional Learning Communities
CHS Assessment Philosophy strives to develop the approaches to helping students learn and accurately reporting their level of understanding
by implementing the Gradual Release of Responsibility Model
IB International Baccalaureate Programme
College Board PSAT/SAT and AP
IOA Indiana Online Academy
NCTM National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
ICTM Indiana Council of Teachers of Mathematics
DOE Indiana Department of Education
COT A Community of Teachers is a field-based teacher-ed program at IU Bloomington School of Education
Math Forum:  Search here, because these guys know everything!
Texas Instruments TI  calculators & education technology and activities enhance student performance in math and science

PKF Pi Kappa Phi National Fraternity
Funemployed is where unemployed and underemployed Hoosiers find meaningful volunteer opportunities which facilitate networking
and employment potential by staying connected to the community
Fun With A Little Less Math
Jib Jab Dancing with Frankum.

The BIG BANG Theory This CBS hit just reminds me of fun times and great friends.
What time is it?  This is a pretty neat clock!
Test yourself brain teasers, logic puzzles and IQ tests
A quiz for the guys only
Math Jokes
Math (and other) quotes Here's one of my all-time favorites. "Twelve for 23... It doesn't take a genius to see that's under 50 percent."
-Dick Vitale
Funny Proofs & Logic
Animusic browse these amazing computer-generated musical animations
Maze maker online information about mazes with a tool to build your own
Crossword puzzle maker online easy to use and save
Word search maker online even easier because you don't have to make-up clues to a word search


Fun with Geometry & Mathematics
Illuminations NCTM's interactive activities online for all levels
Geometry Junkyard a whole lotta geometry-related topics
Shodor Interactive interactively explore lots of topics in math & science
The Birthday Problem a very straight-forward explanation of a problematic probabilityClick here for a graph of the birthday problem's probability.
The Monty Hall Problem how to beat the game showsStill not sure?  Try this simulator.
Click below for a You Tube video explanation.

Tangrams an interesting and thorough introduction
Polyhedra spin and study various 3D figures
Bloxorz a game that tests your ability to manipulate a solid prism
Chain reaction a late night talk show segment with a great demonstration

Vector Addition simulations demonstrate the magnitude, direction, and (x,y) components of a resultant vector 
Find other interesting math simulations here, too.
Spirograph geometrically known as trochoids - rolling circles on circles, but not the way we did it as kids in the 70's
Square Root Day How square can you be?
Odd Day It occurs only 6 times per century!  Why don't we recognize Even Day?
P Day an annual celebration
Symmetry whether you're feeling rotational or reflectional, make your own design
Symmetry & Tessellations:  packed with a wide variety of interesting examples
Tessellations step-by-step to make your own using Paintbrush or Paint applications
Tangrams interactive puzzle building
Crop Circles a geometrical look at design on a kid's level
Crop Circles more advanced reproductions of their formal geometric construction
Chaos naturally organic shapes and patterns become apparent in mathematical art
Activity List a gigantic list of math-related simulations, demonstrations and activities
Math & Art lessons demonstrate the many ways they are related
Art & Architecture
NUMB3RS the math behind the CBS hit television series
Nets of all sorts folding and unfolding in these animations
Cut The Knot is the self-described home of "interactive mathematics miscellany and puzzles
You Can Do The Rubik's Cube!  This site has Rubik's Cube instruction to solve the puzzle  as well as classroom applications to various mathematical concepts.

Professional & Service Links

Fun with Geometry & Mathematics

Fun With A Little Less Math

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