MY PRIVATE TUTORING INFORMATION School policy prohibits me from tutoring and accepting payment from students in my classes.  If you are otherwise interested in my private tutoring services, I usually schedule weekly one hour sessions for most math classes we offer at Carmel High School.  The cost is $50/hour.  I will tutor in pairs (two students in the same course) for $75/hour ($37.50 each).

CARMEL CLAY SCHOOLS APPROVED TUTORING LIST is compiled each year to provide certainty for parents and stakeholders pertaining to the content expertise and background of experienced professionals in the community.

SRT help is facilitated by our math teachers during the school day for core math courses in the following G2 classrooms.  Students must acquire a pass from their math teacher, sign out from SRT in time to sign at the designated session before it begins, and remain at the math help session for the duration of the session until dismissed. 
Geometry in Room A330
Algebra II in Room A315
Precalculus in Room A332

AFTER-SCHOOL MATH ASSISTANCE program is in development by Mr. Hoskings for students refered by a Counselor.

INDIANA ONLINE ACADEMY is the online program of choice Carmel Clay Schools and a quickly growing alternative to traditional summer school.  Get ahead, get caught-up, or get accustomed to the online course experience before you enter college by earning credits and completing independent online classes.

Geometry flashcards by my mentor and friend, Mr. Frankkum, at LNHS (organized by chapters in a different book).
You can find free Web sites to create your own flashcards or follow my recipe to make them with PowerPoint.

CHS DEPARTMENT HOME PAGES to find personalized teacher Web sites

CLC INDIVIDUALIZED LEARNING experiences for Carmel Clay students

CHS SPECIAL SERVICES helps students and families identify and overcome disabilities and academic challenges

CHS ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS provides services and accommodations to students learning English as a new language

CHS NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY offers peer tutoring in all subjects

Homework Hotline at Rose Hulman Institute of Technology
Toll-free:  (877) ASK-ROSE

Check out their BRAINTEASERS, too!

Sylvan Learning Center to find a local center
Toll-free:  (888) EDUCATE provides 24/7 access to an expert tutor at a moment's notice

SOS Mathematics demonstrates all levels of math help and review

Purple Math provides lots of FREE Algebra help online

Math Open Reference collects interesting applets and demonstrations for Geometry and Trigonometry
It's a great reference for the geometric constructions! is a complete collection of video lessons for Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2.

Media4Math+ also hosts a library of video lessons for Prealgebra, Algebra 1 and Geometry.

IXL Math provides practice for hundreds of Algebra and Geometry skills (as well as Language Arts)

Shodor Interactive Activities presents a variety of interactive apps, tools, activities, and a dictionary for math & science

Visual Calculus hosts impressive graphic animations of all Precalculus and Calculus topics

Complete Online Curriculua at Sophia Learning, NROC,

Patrick JMT is my goto guy online when I need a refresher or alternate explanation

Make your own practice worksheets with solutions online using Kuta Software, EasyWorksheet,

Learning Styles Inventory assesses your personal learning style

Cognitive Development Assessments to test your IQ, logical reasoning, numerical reasoning, and spatial ability

Texas Instruments offers help with your graphing calculators or education technology and accompanying activities
Toll-free:  (800) TI-CARES (800-842-2737),

Dictionary of mathematical terms for all levels at,

United States Army hosts these practice materials for college admission tests like the SAT & ACT,

Varsity Tutors is a web-based and mobile site that contains FREE learning tools like tailored lessons, tracking, practice tests, flashcards for many courses at many levels including AP!  They also offer private online tutoring.  It's worth checking out!